As the #1 resume writing service in Knoxville TN, we create customized, high impact resumes that showcase your true professional value by optimizing your employment experience, education, and skill set to work for you.

We are able to achieve this level of quality by leveraging 20+ years of professional writing experience, integrating advanced technologies, and implementing proven techniques to craft dynamic resumes that produce powerful results.

We developed a technology called “ATS Check” that analyzes and optimizes our resumes, which helps increase the likelihood of your resume being selected by recruiters and Human Resources staff.

Most employers use sophisticated software called Applicant Tracking Systems or “ATS Software” to automatically rank and sort the hundreds of resumes they receive from every job they post.

If your resume is not keyword optimized, odds are, your resume will not rank near the top and may never be seen by hiring managers.


We created a detailed interviewing methodology that allows us to work with you to uncover valuable work history and gain a clear perspective of your work history, education, skills, and leadership qualities.

This system allows us to obtain a clearer picture of who you are professionally and where you want to go in your career. We then translate that information into a resume that showcases your skills and makes you sound amazing!



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